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Please ensure that you meet all the criteria before you submit an application:
Accreditation of medical practitioners
If you wish to be accredited under the Medisave/MediShield Life scheme, you must meet the following criteria before proceeding with the application: You should be registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC)/Singapore Dental Council (SDC). If you are not a SMC/SDC doctor/dentist, please register with SMC/ SDC before you submit the application for Medisave/MediShield Life accreditation.
Accreditation of medical institutions

If you wish to apply for Medisave/MediShield Life accreditation of your medical institution, you must meet the following criteria before proceeding with the application:

Your institution/clinic(s) should have a valid operating licence under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act to carry out the procedures and treatments to be claimed for Medisave/MediShield Life. If your clinic’s licence application is still underway, you may make an application for Medisave/MediShield Life accreditation but the clinic can only be effectively accredited, when your medical institution/clinic(s) obtains its PHMC licence. If you have not applied for a PHMC licence yet, please proceed with the licence application here.

You should also attend a training for the submission of Medisave/MediShield Life claims via the online Mediclaim system.