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Submission of Documents to CPFB
Submission of documents

To complete the accreditation process, all Medical Institutions (MIs) have to sign a Deed of Indemnity (DOI) with CPF Board.

Based on your business entity, please submit the required documents to CPF Board for the Board to prepare the DOI.

You may refer to the following documents to help you in preparing the required documents.

Step 1 – Please refer to the checklist to ensure that you have the required documents before submission to CPF Board.

Checklist for Signing of Deed of Indemnity (doc, 47KB)
Step 2 – Step-by-step instructions to help you prepare the required documents for submission to CPF Board.

MediSave Accreditation Guide – April 2021 (doc, 2.4MB)
Step 3 – Instructions for submission of docs via My Mailbox.

Submission of documents via My Mailbox Guide (docx, 627.4KB)