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Medisave Balance Enquiry

The MediSave Balance Enquiry (MBE) system allows MediSave-accredited Medical Institutions (MIs) to check CPF members’ MediSave and MediShield Life information for the purpose of financial counselling and submission of MediSave/ MediShield Life Claims upon members’ authorisation.

Instructions to Apply for Medisave Balance Enquiry - Things to Do/Note
A. Application form to appoint a Sub-Administrator (MBE01)

MIs are required to complete the MBE01 application form (refer to MBE01 Application Form ) to appoint a Sub-Administrator for your organisation. This form must be approved by an authorised approver (at least Manager-level or above) in your organisation.

Guidelines for Sub-Administrators
  • Sub-Administrator is responsible with the management of your organisation’s MBE users (e.g. add/ delete MBE user accounts). Please ensure that users have CorpPass IDs setup accordingly for log in. For enquiries on CorpPass, please visit www.corppass.gov.sg

  • Each organisation is allowed to appoint a maximum of two Sub-Administrators.

  • Sub-Administrators cannot concurrently be a MBE User (i.e. able to check MediSave and/or MediShield Life/ Integrated Plan information via the MBE system).

More information are included in the MBE Sub-Admin Manual that will be provided to you after your account has been issued. You will received a notification email from MOH once the Sub-Administrator Account has been created. If you wish to delete a Sub-Administrator Account or reset a Sub-Administrator Account password, please submit the MBE01 form to MOH at MBE_Admin@moh.gov.sg

B. MBE Audit Requirements

MIs who are granted MBE access are to ensure that the accesses made by MI staff are properly authorised by the MediSave payer(s) through signed and completed Medical Claims Authorisation Forms (MCAF).

MIs are required to check their staffs’ MBE accesses regularly to ensure that the inactive users; staffs who have left the organisation; or those who no longer require the access, is deleted promptly.

For more details on the audit requirements, please refer to the MediSave Manual Annex X-5 Guidelines on the Administration and Use of MBE and MOH circulars (Ref: MOH FCM No. 31/2015 on Audit Requirements on Access to MBE Website and MOH FCM No. 13/2018 on MediSave and MediShield Life Process Audits by CPF Board’s Appointed Auditor.

CPF Board and MOH reserve the right to suspend or revoke a MI’s access to the MBE system if the MI is found to have consistent non-compliance under the MBE’s audit and security requirements.