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Clinical Data Submission via Integrated approach
Submission of claims and clinical data via hardcopy
Approval from MOH is required if you intend to submit Medisave/MediShield Life claims for your patients. Please read through the following carefully if you are applying for Medisave/MediShield Life accreditation for the first time.
Medisave/MediShield Life claims for patients may only be submitted if both the medical institution/hospital/clinic as well as the doctor/dentist performing the procedure are accredited under the Medisave/MediShield Life scheme.

The Medisave/MediShield Life scheme accredits medical institutions/clinics and doctors to submit Medisave and MediShield Life claims for patients. These medical institutions and clinics would be allowed to make Medisave and MediShield Life claims for day surgeries, and/or approved outpatient treatments and/or approved chronic diseases.

Medical institutions that wish to participate in the scheme are required to accept the Central Provident Fund Board’s Terms and Conditions and submit the required documents to the Board.

Medical institutions are allowed to submit Medisave/MediShield Life claims via the MediClaim eService only after the Central Provident Fund Board’s Terms and Conditions have been accepted and the required documents are processed. Medical institutions, once accredited, will be allowed to let their patients sign the relevant Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF) to use Medisave/MediShield Life for their approved medical treatments.

Medisave/MediShield Life accreditation terms and conditions
Application for clinic accreditation
Application for doctor accreditation
Check doctor accreditation status
Application forms for downloading

1.   Please submit only one application for each Medisave/MediShield Life accreditation required.
2.   MOH and CPF Board have the right to amend existing conditions and/or impose further conditions as and when they deem necessary.
3.  Please note that medical institutions are required to pay all fees, costs and expenses to the relevant parties in making the necessary deductions from the CPF member's Medisave/MediShield Life Account for settlement of the clinic/facility's bills and for any work related to it.